4 (Surprisingly) cheap and easy ways to improve your garden


Improve your garden with these 4 easy tips.

Spring is just about here and with the warmer weather comes the opportunity to spruce up your garden.  Here are some surprisingly cheap and easy ways to improve your precious plot of soil.

Split Perennials.  One of my favourite flowers to fill the garden is the Hosta.  It's perfect for shady spots and is low maintenance.  As an added bonus, you can split the Hosta in early spring so you can add bulk without a lot of cost.  Other perennials can be split in fall or spring to fill up your garden such as Peony, Astilbe and Aster.  For illustrations and helpful tips on dividing perennials, click here for Better Homes & Garden article.

Tail cuttings & seeds from existing plants.  This is a great way to add to your garden without spending any money.  Plus, you can also use cuttings to grow herbs indoors.  Click here for tips from Natural Living Ideas on growing herbs indoors.

Compost for free.  For coffee drinkers, here's a great tip:  I used coffee grounds to fertilize my roses (plus it's also good for other plants).  If you don't drink coffee, perhaps your neighbour would be willing to donate their coffee grounds for your garden or ask at the local coffee shop - some of them will make coffee grounds available to customers.  Kitchen scraps and grass clippings are easily compostable as well.

Use Craigslist and other garden clubs.  Find cheaper shrubs, garden tools and supplies with Craigslist: Farm & Garden.  Join a local garden club for gardening tips and cheaper plants and seeds.  Or, get some of your friends or neighbours together and start trading seeds for variety in your garden.


March 19, 2017 by Elisabeth