Best Meat Deals of the Week

Find the best deals on meat for the week at your local grocery shop in Canada.  No Frills, Superstore and Walmart have deals on pork and beef.

Superstore Canada flyer deals (until March 15th)

  •  $3.98 lb cut in-store boneless blade oven roast

  •  $3.48 lb medium ground pork

No Frills Canada flyer deals (until March 15th)

  • $1.97 pork loin combo chops

  • $3.47 lb pork n pull marinated shoulder portion

Walmart Canada flyer deals (until March 14th)

  • $3.97 lb Maple Leaf Fresh Pork Loin Rib and Sirloin combo chops bone-in

  • $6.47 lb your fresh market 100% western canadian beef boneless blade roast

These prices are based on Vancouver area flyers.

Worth noting, Canada Safeway has a BOGO sale on that includes BOGO Sterling Silver Sirloin Tip or Inside Round Marinating Steak or Oven Roast, Boneless Pork Loin Centre or Rib Chops and Canadian Lobster Tails.